Products: Air Pollution Control, Dust Removal, Services & Retrofits
Industry: Cement & Lime
Location: Lalapaşa, Edirne, Turkey

In Spring 2018, Boldrocchi completed a project to convert two aging electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) into fabric filters (baghouses) for the Trakya plant in Turkey. We did the engineering and manufacturing, as well as the design of the mechanical, electrical and automation systems.

Time is everything

The challenge in this project was time. The contract was negotiated and closed in November 2017 yet the plant outage was planned for a mere five months later in April 2018. Within those five months, Boldrocchi’s team had to design and manufacture two ESP conversion solutions that would be rather quick to install on site.

Two ESPs (ELEX and FLSmidth) were converted into fabric filters, including the ducting systems and an ID fan, complete with an electrical motor and a variable speed drive (VSD).

Our team had a mere four weeks in April 2018 to do the on-site conversion of the two ESPs. A short time frame in itself, Boldrocchi’s team worked rapidly and actually finished two days early, allowing the customer to start-up their cement plant earlier than expected.