360° Experience

Boldrocchi prides itself on offering customers from a wide array of industries a truly turnkey experience. The company has invested in its manufacturing and testing facilities as well as in its engineering, technical and service departments to ensure clients receive reliable, well-conceived and well-made systems.

The Benefits of a 360° Experience

Expert Engineering

Expert engineering

200 of our 450 employees worldwide are engineers and finding you the right solution for your operation is one of our strong suits.

Quality Manufacturing

Quality manufacturing

We’re one of the few such companies in the world to have our own in-house manufacturing facilities – 45,000 m2 (500,000 ft2) of them. Our worldwide production base is in Italy where we have highly skilled workers and strict quality control.

In-house Testing

In-house testing

We have one of the biggest in-house testing facilities in the world open to clients. We test your products in-house so that the engineers who designed your products are closely overseeing their manufacturing and testing, ensuring they offer optimal quality.

Installations and Commissioning

Installation & commissioning

We have extensive experience in installation and commissioning. As our teams understand our products best, they can ensure the proper erection and functioning of Boldrocchi products for years to come.

Economical Retrofits

Economical retrofit solutions

When your CAPEX budget is limited, a revamp, retrofit or conversion may be the answer. We analyze your system and provide a solution that will enhance the capabilities of your existing equipment. We can ensure performance that exceeds your targets.

Reliable Service

Reliable service

Our service portfolio includes a knowledgeable worldwide problem assessment, maintenance and spare parts service.

A seamless experience, from manufacturing through to installation and service, means that the system works perfectly from beginning to end.