MVR Blowers

MVR system is a highly efficient and cost-effective way of heat recovery. Boldrocchi’s customized MVR Blower combine competitive cost with an outstanding record of accomplishment of a long plant life and reliability where long-term, round-the-clock operation essential and unscheduled stoppages have expensive consequences

Boldrocchi's MVR blowers
  • Speed ranges: typically, 1500 ÷ 5000 rpm
  • System pressure: 0.2 ÷ 100 bar (a)
  • Pressure ratio:  within 1.2 ÷ 1.8 in standard applications
  • ΔT = 5÷10 K for each stage of compression
  • Flow Rate: within 5.000 ÷ 500.000 [m3/h]
  • Capacity: within 100.000 kg/h under vacuum, 500.000 kg/h in ambient pressure condition
  • Oil free, non-pulsating operation.
  • Turn down ratio > 25%
  • Impellers and casings are fabricated from ductile alloy plate
  • Closed face impeller design with reinforced inlet geometry. Backward curved / full-length radial blades
  • Durable and reliable construction for tough operation
  • Gas tight casing design
  • All weldable materials can be used.
  • AMCA 210, ASME PTC10 performance test room
  • Full speed mechanical running tests with up to 7MW (9000 hp) motor
  • Permanent power supply: 11 / 6 / 4 / 3.3 / 0.69 / 0.4 kV

Our goal? Continue to have more expertise than anyone else in the market.

Industries & Applications

Dairy industry
Food processing
Starch and sweeteners prodction
Oil and Gas
Pulp and paper industry
Water recovery / Zero liquid descharge (ZLD)

Utility water treament
Desalination and distillation
Renewable fuel production
Pharmaceuticals industry
Chemical industry


Dairy industry
Food processing
Starch and sweeteners production
Oil and gas
Pulp and paper industry
Water recovery / Zero liquid discharge (ZLD)
Utility water treament
Desalination and distillation
Renewable fuel production
Pharmaceuticals industr
Chemical Industry

Fans, Blowers & Compressors Case Studies


Engineering Fan Systems for a Hydrogen Reformer at a Photovoltaic Power Plant in Bulgaria

Boldrocchi was hired to provide the fan systems for a hydrogen reformer at a photovoltaic power plant (PPP) near Burgas, Bulgaria. Boldrocchi designed, manufactured and tested the combustion air and flue gas fan and its system for this project. It involved a 700 kW induced draft fan and the fan machinery train. What was most interesting about this project was its special construction on spring isolators. The entire system had to be designed to be mounted on top of the reformer’s steel structure.


Revamping a Fan in Mexico: Performance Up, Costs Down

In 2016, Boldrocchi was awarded a contract to revamp a kiln fan at a cement plant in Tepetzingo. Plant officials were looking for a major performance increase but had a limited budget. Our kiln fan revamp increased the fan’s performance by 40% while saving 30% in costs. To further reduce costs, we designed a partial casing replacement to allow the client to keep most of the existing casing.

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Star Izmir

Boldrocchi Builds Special Test Facility for Turkish Order of Multiple Blowers

Boldrocchi engineered and manufactured a number of systems for a refinery in Izmir, Turkey. Among the systems: a CCR Chlorination Blower used in petrochemical chlorination and catalyst regeneration processes.

In order to satisfy the process requirements, Boldrocchi built a special test facility to check the blower’s performance at various temperatures, up to 600°C (1112°F). Boldrocchi also designed and fabricated a cooler blower, a combustion air blower, a recycle gas blower, a fines removal system and a regeneration blower.