Heavy-Duty Process Dampers

Dampers may seem like simple pieces of equipment, but when they won’t open or close one realizes how important they are. In our experience, many take dampers for granted – which has led some to make major mistakes in contracting inexpensive and inexperienced companies to produce their dampers, often resulting in unexpected and costly production stoppages.

Dampers diagram


We invite clients or their representatives to our testing facilities near Milan, Italy, to inspect their damper / diverter systems.


We offer all types of dampers, including on/off, modulating and zero leakage dampers. All of our dampers are offered in a variety of materials, depending on the use, operational temperature & corrosive elements.

Diverter dampers
Tandem blade dampers
Multi-louver damper
Butterfly dampers
Stack dampers
Gas distributor damper
Guillotine dampers

Heavy-Duty Process Damper Case Studies


Delivering Diverter Damper Systems to Nigeria Within a Mere 4 Months

In 2016, Boldrocchi was awarded a contract to supply eight (8) diverter damper systems for six gas turbines, to be installed at a refinery in Lekki, Nigeria. The goals: achieve reduced wear & extended operational life. Thanks to our large in-house facilities, all 8 were assembled at once. They were then tested in-house in the presence of the customer’s inspectors. Turnaround was very short – at least for the first two – and Boldrocchi delivered within a mere 4 months.

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Helping Close an Open-Cycle Circuit on a Gas Turbine in Oman

Boldrocchi helped close an existing open cycle circuit on a GE turbine in Amal. We designed four various dampers and diverters and had them made on-site, constantly supervising fabrication. Installation of the diverter, also supervised by Boldrocchi, was a significant challenge: the diverter measuring 5.2 x 5.2 m (17’ x 17’) had to be fit into the existing circuit with a mere 20 cm (8”) clearance!

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Boldrocchi Successfully Tests 7m X 7m Diverter for Gas Turbines

Boldrocchi welcomed over 30 customers from some of the largest OEMs to its in-house testing facilities near Milan, Italy in 2018, for the functional testing of an enormous 7m X 7m (23’ X 23’) diverter damper. The gas turbine diverter, one of three delivered to the client, not only offers extreme capacity, but surpasses the norm in terms of geometrical sealing, sealing pressure and closing time, while reducing maintenance and easing transportation and assembly.

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