Flue Gas Treatment

Boldrocchi has been removing pollutants from flue gas for decades. We offer customized solutions to ensure all your goals are met or exceeded. We’ve done significant R&D in flue gas treatment, looking to offer customers high abatement levels and lower costs. We also offer a full turnkey package including dust removal, flue gas treatment, flue gas conditioning, handling & storage equipment and worldwide on-site services such as installation, commissioning and training.

Boldrocchi's FGT diagram

Our solutions remove dust, acid gases, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, mercury, furans, hydrochloric acid, dioxins and other heavy metals.

Multi-Pollutant Solutions

Our specialized team can design and manufacture a tailored multi-pollutant removal solution for your operation, depending on your process parameters, air pollutant reduction targets and budget. Other important considerations: whether this multi-pollutant system is being added to an existing operation or whether the project is a greenfield, and the footprint available.

Boldrocchi offers two main multi-pollutant solutions:

  1. Circulating dry scrubbers (CDS)
  2. A customized combination of our other flue gas treatment systems (as seen in the example below).

DeSOX & Acid Control

Boldrocchi offers a full gamut of DeSOX & acid control systems that remove SO2, SO3, HCl and HF.

Circulating Dry Scrubber
Dry Sorbent Injection


Boldrocchi has decades of experience in DeNOX (removing nitric oxide and/or nitrogen dioxide) technologies. The first clients were mainly waste-to-energy and biomass plants as well as incinerators, but more recently, customers have been from a wider variety of industries, including cement, as emissions regulations have been getting stricter. Boldrocchi offers two Best Available Technology (BAT) systems.


Mercury, Heavy Metals & Dioxins

Boldrocchi uses the Best Available Technology (BAT) of activated carbon injection (ACI) systems to control mercury, heavy metals and dioxins. ACI systems have been proven over the years and can be more than 90% effective, depending on the type of fuel being burned and the air pollution control equipment at the plant.


Select Air Pollution Control Case Studies


Complete APC & Noise Protection for Biomass Plant in Italy

Boldrocchi provided complete air pollution control and noise protection solutions for a biomass plant near Milan, Italy. Analyses show complete success: air pollutants have been removed to well under area limits and noise is nearly completely eradicated – the plant’s noise emissions are lower than any other biomass power plant in Italy.

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Isola delle Femmine

SNCR Used in Cement Kiln to reduce NOX in Italy

Boldrocchi succeeded in obtaining impressive NOX reduction rates by using Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) in a Lepol cement kiln. We were able to reduce NOX to 350 mg/Nm3, translating into an efficiency of > 60%, rivaling the best abatement possible with SNCR. The injection point was chosen where there was an optimal flue gas temperature window (850°C – 1000°C) to ensure reaction efficiency.

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