Boldrocchi: India

Boldrocchi India offers a complete turnkey experience providing in-house design, manufacturing, testing, installation and commissioning to customers in a wide variety of industries. We specialize in fans, blowers, compressors, dampers, silencing systems and air pollution control/environmental solutions.

Boldrocchi's Indian workshop

Our Divisions

Engineering, Manufacturing & Testing in India

Boldrocchi India prides itself on offering customers from a wide array of industries a truly turnkey experience. The company has invested in its manufacturing and testing facilities in Chennai, India as well as in its engineering, technical and service departments in Gurgaon (Delhi) to ensure clients receive reliable, well-conceived and well-made systems. We not only provide in-house testing, but on-site testing by qualified and experienced Boldrocchi employees.

Our manufacturing facilities include:

Welding manipulator

Welding operation

Machining operation

Spinning operation

Site assembly

Site assembly

Boldrocchi India develops its solutions using some of the most trusted techniques in the industry:

  • Finite element analysis (FEA), frequency analysis and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) studies
  • State-of-the-art software for material selection
  • Manufacturing using the latest techniques:
    • Rolled and profiled inlet cone and shroud using spinning operation
    • Machining of the impeller to limit axial & radial play
    • Integral hub shaft forging
  • Qualified welding procedures and welders
  • Strict quality control
  • Performance verification in shop and/or site