German Cement Plant Gets DeNOx SCR System

Products: Air Pollution Control, Flue Gas Treatment
Industry: Cement & Lime
Location: Deuna, Germany

Boldrocchi was contracted in 2017 to develop an integrated High Dust Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system for a cement kiln in Deuna, Germany. The goal: reduce NOX to an impressive 180 mg/Nm3 while respecting the customer’s CAPEX and logistics constraints. Boldrocchi designed and manufactured the reactor, dampers, a booster fan, the ammonia dosing system, the catalyst soot blowing system, the reactor preheating system and the electrical/automation system.

Better SCR Systems

Given the need for increasingly high performance DeNOX technologies, Boldrocchi has created market-leading DeNOX Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems. Our secret to improving SCR systems has been to analyze all the individual components and carefully design solutions that are thoughtful using in-house computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations and calculations to their full capacity.

In this plant, the High Dust option was best because:

  • The temperature window in the raw gas after the preheater tower was suitable;
  • It was less complex than a Tail-End variant in this case;
  • It required less initial investment than the Tail-End variant.

Boldrocchi customized the reactor and its catalyst layers as well as the reactor’s casing. The reactor has a tailored inlet hood and gas distribution devices, to ensure an optimal flue gas feed to the catalyst layers. The reactor also has optimal thermal insulation (for process and safety purposes), stairs and walkways (to allow easy access to all inspection doors and process instruments) and a “Catalyst Modules Insertion and Extraction System” (to facilitate maintenance).

The statistics

The kiln:

  • Capacity: 2400 tons/day
  • Run time: 24 h/day, avg. 330 days/yr
  • Fuels: lignite, used tires, fluff, liquid fuels such as solvents

Performance – NOX:

  • 180 mg/Nm3 @ 10% O2 daily average value
  • 360 mg/Nm3 @ 10% O2 semi-hour average value

With the following ammonia slip values:

  • 20 mg/Nm3 @ 10% O2 daily average value
  • 40 mg/Nm3 @ 10% O2 half-hour average value

To read more about Boldrocchi’s DeNOX technologies, read our article “Eradicating NOX” in World Cement’s April 2018 issue.